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SBE16 Dubai conference is part of a major series of international conferences taking place around the world. The conferences in this series are designed to promote all aspects of the cause of sustainability.


SBE16 Dubai will be an International, full-paper peer-reviewed conference with focus on different aspects of sustainability (triple bottom line) including, but not limited to, Guidelines & Regulations, Building Material, Renovation of Existing buildings, Energy Modeling and Conservation, Alternative and Renewable Energy Resources, Smart and Advanced Active Systems, Indoor Environmental Quality and Comfort, Waste Reduction and Management, Sustainability at the Urban Level including Transportation and Social Issues, and Financing Green Projects.


The conference will deal with issues facing both the developed as well as the developing worlds in an attempt to bridge the gap between the two and identify best practice strategies that are best suited to distinct markets.

This is intended to help speed up the adoption and transition into a sustainable low-Carbon future.

This conference is part of the SB16 regional sustainability conference series taking place around the world. The conference is supported by international organizations such as the UN-UNEP Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative, iiSBE, FIDIC and cib.
















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