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CIB MENA Research Network

The CIB has established a new regional network for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This new network (CIB MENA) should enable the CIB to work closely with local construction industries across the region and its stakeholders.

The establishment of such a network comes at a time when research and innovation should have a pivotal role to responding to the challenges facing the region. Most countries of the region are struggling to meet basic needs of their population in housing, health and education services as well as the infrastructure to provide basic services and support the economic development of the nation.

Further, the recent political changes in the region have focused national priorities on social and economic development more than ever. In this environment the construction industries, throughout the region, are becoming more complex, and under pressure to modernize and expand its capabilities and resources to be able to respond to these challenges

This business environment calls on researchers in construction and building to support the needed change in industry through the development of new ideas that can support the effective development of strategies, practices, and technologies capable of delivering the desired outcomes.

Researchers need to work very closely with industry and government to support effort to provide much needed facilities and services. Supported by the extensive network of the CIB the CIB MENA Research Network can play an important role in informing the local industry of the latest research and knowledge.


The purpose of CIB MENA Research Network is to provide a network for exchange and cooperation in research and innovation in building and construction in support of an improved building process and of improved performance of the built environment in the MENA region.

The CIB MENA Research Network role, working in partnership with other stakeholders, should be pivotal in ;

  1. Facilitating the creation of knowledge networks to share knowledge and experience across the region and the wider CIB networks.
  2. Facilitating the creation of research task groups around areas of significant interest and promote links with task groups of similar interest across CIB network.
  3. Disseminating knowledge through publications, conference, seminars and workshops.
  4. Promote CIB and its activities to increase its membership in the region.

A committee has already been formed. The coordinator of the committee is :

Professor Mohammed Dulaimi,

Email : mohammed.dulaimi@buid.ac.ae

Tel: 00971 4 2791400 Ext: 433

Fax: 00971 4 2791490

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